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-- I'm very much enjoying The Complete Italian Vegetarian Cookbook, by Jack Bishop, ISBN 1-57630-044-7. I'm not a vegetarian, but I got it because I was looking for ways to incorporate more veggies and grains/legumes into my diet. So far everything I've made from this book has been yummy. J/S was skeptical, but he's like everything I've made from this book as well.

-- [Note: the following is written in Complete Denial about what might happen if I get laid off and don't get another job and the consequences that would have.] :-/
I don't want to jinx it, but things are looking up on the SCA EQ front for me and this area in general.

---- Sunday J/S, Robert of W and Ysuelt of S will be going to Cowboy Shawn's and taking lessons. Cowboy Shawn and his business partner Sue (who I know from when she boarded at my barn) have opened a horse facility down the road from my barn, and they are very willing to work with us SCA folks to set up equipment and practices. In theory I will be talking to them about this Sunday and I hope to make some actionable plans. We have yet to be able to have sucessful SCA practices in this area.

---- I am planning to enter this year's WK EQ Championship, which will be in September. To do this I need to:
make new barding and a costume for the probable performance section.
Practice patterns using the ones given from the last two years.
Practice Games. I like rings, so that's not too onerous. Laurentia suggested I try Quintain, the thought of which I loath, but I'm willing to try it if forced to. (I'll never joust of do mounted combat however -- that is Right Out.)
So having a local games practice is important to me if I want to put in a credible performance at the competition. What I really need to do is establish a timeline for myself so that I don't wait until the last minute, but work on my competition skills and barding and such thoughout the year.

---- I have an idea to work towards having a Gaston Phebus Hunting Book-inspired picnic ride. Looks like I'll be having a class/discussion of the idea at our WK Spring Equestium (April 2). I'm looking at this as a long term effort (if people are interested, of course. I think it would be cool to mimic the costumes and barding seen in the 1407 iluminated version of the book. I think it would be great if our period cooks could join in and we could have some sort of early 15th C cook playday and then all meet up at the end.
Not clear to me if we could do a "hunt". We've had quests that took more ground people than we had riders. But I've heard that there are things we could do that would not be ground-crew intensive.
Key to being able to do this is that it would have to be Lots of Fun for all involved. And key to that, IMHO, is weather and location. I want to have this thing in the spring when everything is green but dried out and the weather is not too hot. Also, it would have to be at a site that looked pretty, had a good places to ride, but was not so out of the way or far so as to discourage cooks from coming and playing. Else suggested a site up in the Redding area that looks super pretty, but the feedback I've gotten from the few people I've asked is that Redding is too far. We will see.

And, hey, this effort marries my new interest in period cooking with my horsie pursuits. ;-)

---- I've printed and have been reading King Rene's Book of the Tournement. It's only 23 pages, but I didn't finish it as I went to bed last night. I've never read it before, but now I think it ought to be standard SCA reading. I thought the descriptions of gambasons and their desired thickness was particuarly interesting.
I'm hoping that the martially-inclined WK EQ community will join me in reading this. And I hope that reading will lead to a discussion about how we could manifest that sort of event here (as a long term project, obviously). I wouldn't want to play as a rider in it, but as the Emprise of the Black Lion proves to me, this sort of thing can be a very cool event to attend!

---- Having Laurentia ride Brandee and help me is working out super well. L has taken 2 lessons with my trainer and now knows where she's coming from (very seat, lounge-line oriented). What L is bringing to me is an emphasis to loosen up and helping with isolating my upper thigh muscles. I've improved already. Last weekend and this weekend L and I got/will get together and ride Brandee by trading off. Gives Brandee the workout she deserves. And I help L because I've gotten educated about Brandee's foibles from watching my trainer train Brandee so I can be eyes on the ground for L. Brandee's looking good! Yay! :-)

-- I'm at stand-still in my idea of sewing for money. The Camicas did not sell at 12th Night (except for Ghislaine offering to buy one -- Thank you!) I need to get those things online (Etsy?) but I need to set a time and make myself do it. Like so much else in my life that needs doing, there aways seems to be something else to do (um, like post on LJ... :-/ ).

-- Other bedtime reading has been the Penguin edition of Froissart's Chronicles of the 100 Year War. Now I understand why the French hate the English. Ya know, the French might not have been the smartest tacticians, but the English were slash and burn a--holes!

OK, beans are done. Time to go.
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