Jan. 21st, 2011

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-- I'm very much enjoying The Complete Italian Vegetarian Cookbook, by Jack Bishop, ISBN 1-57630-044-7. I'm not a vegetarian, but I got it because I was looking for ways to incorporate more veggies and grains/legumes into my diet. So far everything I've made from this book has been yummy. J/S was skeptical, but he's like everything I've made from this book as well.

-- [Note: the following is written in Complete Denial about what might happen if I get laid off and don't get another job and the consequences that would have.] :-/
I don't want to jinx it, but things are looking up on the SCA EQ front for me and this area in general. Read more... )

-- I'm at stand-still in my idea of sewing for money. The Camicas did not sell at 12th Night (except for Ghislaine offering to buy one -- Thank you!) I need to get those things online (Etsy?) but I need to set a time and make myself do it. Like so much else in my life that needs doing, there aways seems to be something else to do (um, like post on LJ... :-/ ).

-- Other bedtime reading has been the Penguin edition of Froissart's Chronicles of the 100 Year War. Now I understand why the French hate the English. Ya know, the French might not have been the smartest tacticians, but the English were slash and burn a--holes!

OK, beans are done. Time to go.


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