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I knew once I got there I'd have a good time. Special thanks to Gillian and Leohulf and Juana and Ivar for letting us share a room with them. You guys made our going possible.

We spent most of our time merchanting. I'm happy to report that J/S got some orders was able to give out contact info to interested parties. Thanks to Ghislaine I made a camica sale, too. :-)

I got to see 2 of the 3 things I wanted to see. The Golden Stag play was really awesome and a joy to watch. I also got to see Johanna recieve her Golden Poppy award. Unfortunately I *just* missed seeing Laurentia step up as WK EQ champion -- bitter. :-( And I thought the EQ meeting Sunday morning was successful; looking forward to the coming year.

Overall, I'm feeling much more excited about the SCA than I was going in to 12th Night. I'm feeling inspired on the EQ front and on the cooking dinner party front. Costuming, not so much. The level of effort I can spare I know is still limited, given the impending job search. But I'm looking forward to March Crown. My goals for that will be making a heraldic coat for Chloe and putting together another dinner party using Chiquart. Yup, pretty low key goals for a low key year.

On the home front, Chloe seems to have enjoyed being babysat by her Auntie Maria and Uncle Jeremia. The took her for a several-hour walk yesterday and today and tired her out big time. It was fun to hear stories about Chloe hogging the covers from someone else for a change, as well. ;-)
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