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As you may remember, I want to organize a Gaston Pheobus-inspired equestrian picnic/"hunt", to occur no sooner than next year. I have a pretty good idea of what factors (such as site and planned activities) would make this a fun event for equestrians. But since one of the main ideas behind this event would be to combine EQ stuff with other SCA activites -- in this case cooking -- I need to have a good idea as to what factors would make such an event fun for the cooks.

So I'm asking you, my cooking friends, what would tempt you to participate in a Gaston Pheobus-style hunt picnic? To be clear, I don't even know whether or not you'd want to feed the riders. It could be that you'd just want to have a late 14-15th C cooks (French?) playday, and then everyone eats some period picnic food that's brought by someone/riders/whoever wants to bring something. Maybe non-cooks pay for ingrediants if they eat the food cooked? I don't know; that's why I'd like some input. :-)

So, what would tempt you to such an event? What would discourage you? If you'd like to do it, how far would you be willing to travel? Site and weather requirements? Activities other than those of a "cooks playday" that I'm not thinking of? Bottom line: What would make such an event fun for you?
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