Mar. 20th, 2011

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Had I known the rain *and* wind were going to be as bad as they were I don't think we would have gone. And the mud was bad. Remeber, my dear An Tirian friends, we in CA don't have drainage. So land turns to lakes and mud pits with rain. And this rain was steady, significant, and rarely stopped. And did I mention the wind? 50 m/h winds were coming in. By the time we broke camp after finals our stakes were starting to pull out, and we have some big-ass-zombie-kill'n stakes, let me tell you! Thank the deity of your choice we just had up sunshades and didn't try to sleep on site.

Didn't have out dinner. Stuff was all frozen, so I'll make more and we'll just have a bigger dinner at Mists Spring Coronet. I did give the finger to the weather gods by going ahead and baking bread onsite. A big shout-out thank you to [ profile] joycebre for the use of her oven. :-) It was fun to share something warm with people when the environment was so wet and cold.

Poor Chloe. This was not the introduction to big SCA events that I had hoped she'd have. She was a super good girl and enjoyed meeting people and dogs. But she was so cold; she was shivering and miserable on her little bed. :-( We thawed her out in the Motel 6 and gave her mommydaddybedtime, but still. I'm joking now that when we start packing for the next SCA event Chloe will protest with a sign reading "Stop the Madness!" ;-)

On the plus side, I'm happy that Marc and Patricia won -- Long Live our new Crown Prince and Princess! My boy clothes outfit + long thermal underwear did the trick and I was comfortable all day. I got to spend a little time with people, and that was good. Unfortunately, much of our time was spent huddling out of the rain. We met a new person who took shelter with us for a while: Joan the Harper, who is becomeing Christian de Holacomb's apprentice. :-) And J/S measured [ profile] back40joules for jousting armor -- yay for business and for [ profile] back40joules! :-)

And J/S and I got to spend the weekend with Mogan A., who allowed us to take her in for the weekend. The three of us had hoped to do some merchanting at Crown, but that was just not in the cards. Some discussions about going up to An Tir and merchanting as a group project, though.

By the time we'd packed down in the rain and wind (most of the mud on J/S came from the flooring/tarps -- epic mud) we (especially Chloe) were *done*. I'd talked to [ profile] aastg during the day, so I only felt a little guilty for bugging out on the Laurel meeting. So we were back at the Motel 6 before dark. Dinner with Luthold and Morgan at Applebees and a good time was had by all. The storm blowing through sounded *epic*, though. I'm glad we didn't try to drive home last night.

Now I'm looking forward to a much pleasanter Spring Coronet. :-)


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