Jan. 31st, 2011

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- We had a Very Social Weekend. Friday Robert of W and Yseult of S came to dinner. I made the pork tenderloin with curry rub and raw onion chutney out of Bittman's How to Cook Everything book, and the Zuccini/Ricotta fritters from my Italian Vegitarian cookbook, with gingerbread and whipped cream for dessert. Obviously, I'm still enjoying cooking. :-) Afterwards I draped a prototype rapier "armored" vest (a sort of Jack) on Yseult. We all hope that this can be turned into a sellable product, 'cause the rapier market seems to be growing.

Saturday we went up to Sophie and Guilumes to hang out while she recovers from her hip replacement surgery. Mostly we watched movies -- Cousin Bett for the Girl Costume Flick, then several Isabella Rousillini's Green Porn shorts which I did not know existed. ;-) Then the boys came in and we (well, they -- Sophie and I mostly did handwork) "Gamer", which was mostly (imho) a violence exploitation flick. Finally we watched a Mystery Science Theater version of Laserblaster, a 1970's "movie" that was worse than any Hercules movie you could imagine. :-0 Got home after midnight. Oh, and I'm now Even More Interested in making an 18th C riding habit. Sophie may convert me yet. ;-)

Sunday started with Brandee and Laura and me time at the barn. L's help is a big help and I'm continuing to be grateful. Then J/S got to see one of his Portland Peeps -- Grigsby, who was down in Milpitas on a buisness trip. We may get to drag him to sewing tonight, too. :-) Took him for a rainy walk around downtown Livermore, with lunch at the dog-freindly Main Street Cafe (burgers and beer!). Then home and much conversation. Yay!

- I (heart) Dom Duarte! Almost finished with his 1438 Royal Book of Jousting, Horsemanship, and Knightly Combat. Duarte was the King of Portugal, as well as the a relative of Richard II of England. I really love this guy. This book is not only about horsemanship, it's also a philosophical treatise. If I have the time I want to write more about this book. It's surprizingly modern in it's promoting the use of reason as the path to a Virtuous life. Else is right, all of us equestians should be reading this. But those of us interested in the study of Medieval and Renaissance Thought also should read Duarte.

I think Duarte's talk of spear hunting techniques might be of use in whatever sort of "hunt" we set up for the G.P. picnic event. I'm now looking to see id I can get my hands on the Gaston Pheobus text (instead of just the pictures). And I'm thinking we'll need to have some fundraising for this event. Thinking...

- My erstwhile BiL and project manager is now officially retired. Today is my first work day without him. Obviously I need to get used to that...

- I need to get back into sewing and I'm feeling it more, which is good. I have to do some Major sewing area cleaning before I can do that, though. I need to make Cin's smock, and I need to make Chloe a coat before March Crown. Oh, and there's a bunch of sewing I should be doing for J/S that I've put off for over a year now. :-(

And, of course, I need to get my camicas on Etsy to sell them!

- Related to sewing, my Medieval Gaments Reconstructed book finally came, after being on order since April 2010. Nice book, definately a companion work to Woven Into the Earth.
And I confess I was bad with my credit card. I noticed that the new Viking Costume Book was $20 less than elsewhere at David Brown Books. And I saw on another LJ that Well Respected An Tirians liked it, but acknowledged that the author does not present her documentation well (in other words, patterns good but no evidence presented). So I ordered it. My library goal has always been to provide resources to people even if I never make it. Although in my "simple is good" mood these days, early norse is looking better and better to me. ;-)

- J/S made some armor sales, so he's started taking once-a-week riding lessons with Cowboy Shawn at Chapparal (also in Ed Levin Park). He's liking riding bunches, although he is having some beginner frustrations (like learning the rhythm of the trot). I'm very happy about this. I am feeling optimistic these days, although that might just be me in denial. ;-)

- Riding continues to be good. Brandee's starting to get a worn spot in her cantle area on her back, so I need to get my saddle restuffed. Bummer. Laura is putting Brandee through her paces and really likes her -- yay! I am improving with her help -- Erica said I'd graduated. ;-) You just need a second pair of eyes sometime.

OK, that should do it for now. Bye!


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