Jan. 26th, 2011

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-- Finished reading (hey, it's only 23 pages!) King Rene's Tournament Book. I read this hoping to use it for a future EQ Tournament. Unfortunately, Rene doesn't spend much time talking about the Main Event. Instead, most of the treatise is spent talking about how the sponsoring lords should announce thier intent, the many speaches of the heralds, some armor information, the fact that there are dances, how to pick judges, etc. Most of what is written would be Very Hard to implement, given our modern situation and attention levels (i.e. tolerance for ceremony).

-- Currently I'm at the English Peasants Revolt part of Froissart's Chronicles (Penguin edition; just selections).

-- Borrowed a copy of King Dom Duarte's 1438 teatise The Royal Book of Jousting, Horsemanship, and Knightly Combat from Marguerite and Brian. Looks good -- lots of info on actual riding rather than just fighting. This text has been making the rounds in the WK EQ community so maybe we can have a book discussion.

-- My copy of Medieval Garments Reconstructed, which is a companion volume to Woven Into The Earth, with patterns and pics of reconstructed garments alongside the originals. I ordered this back in April of last year. Interesting, but I'll be reading the aforementioned before I get to reading this. It's mostly pictures anyway...

Per King Rene and any subsequent event, Monday at Marguerite's sewing she and J/S and I did some brainstorming about what we could take from it for a future EQ event. So I don't forget here's what I remember: Read more... )


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