Nov. 29th, 2010

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...but then I got a dog. ;-)

Adding Chloe to the J/S+Brandee+(2(Madeline))+work+sewing equation has eaten the time I used to spend online. But now while I'm making a double batch of pancakes to freeze I felt a need to let y'all know that we're still alive. :-)

Not too much to report:

- The Friday before last was my mom's internment. My sister took care of everything and it was quite nice. There is still paperwork and money-fu going on.

- Saw the musical of the Color Purple as part of our San Jose musical theater season tickets. I had no idea how that book could be a musical, but it turned out to be very well done. Not something I'm going to run out and by the soundtrack of, but both J/S and I and the rest of the crew enjoyed it. Thanks again to Lutold for Chloe-sitting so we could go.

- Brandee, per ususal, is well and being a good girl. She's gotten a bit higher with the cold weather. My riding continues to improve and I've got the extremely sore muscles to prove it.

- Chloe is a darling and settling in quite nicely. Has learned to ignore the cats. Madeline north is ignoring Chloe, but Madeline South is still bitter. Most of my non-work time is being spent with Chloe and her training and acclimation. Given that Chloe doesn't like the cold, doesn't like wet ground touching her delicate paws, likes to lay on the softest surface available, and is not a morning dog, it appears that we have a Pit Bull Princess. It figures...

- Thanksgiving was very nice. J/S and I and Chloe went had Thanksgiving with The Usual South Bay Suspects. Marguerite and Brian don't allow dogs in their house, but they have a nice backyard so either J/S or I or both of us hung out there with Chloe. We were able to leave her unattended for about an hour or so, so that's good. She is a rescue after all, and clearly has some abandonment issues. Thanks again to Brian and Gillian for cooking a wonderful meal!

- Sewing was interrupted with a delay in linen supply and Chloe arrival but I'm getting back on it. FYI: Greyline linen is, indeed, superior to linen. But they are in New York and it takes 7-10 days to get delivery. Note also that shipping cost for 12 yards is about $13, but anything over that (e.g. 13 yds or more) is $33! So it's only cost effective to order 12 yds at a time.

Camica development has gone well and I think I've got the technique down. I've made the first trial one, then one for Marguerite and one for Cin and I'm starting one for [ profile] helblonde. I've decided that 2 sizes seem to fit a wide variety of body types. My plan is to make 3 of each size to sell at 12th Night. I'll be asking $150 for them. I'll also make it clear that I can make custom ones.

Took a class for my Bernina 450 Saturday. Always good to take those classes. I had read the manual and I've worked with it so I was far along. What made it worthwhile was learning that these newer computerized machines don't like fuzzy thread. Even Guttermen's is too fuzzy. Mettler is better, and there's some other brands that are better still.

Note to [ profile] hunrvogt: I haven't forgotten about your veils. I'll be starting the test tonight or tomorrow. :-)

- Sarted re-reading the George Duby book William Marshall, the Flower of Chivalry. I can't believe no one's done a movie of his life. Maybe since he just kicks ass there's no dramatic tension? ;-)

- Happy belated Birthday to [ profile] j_i_m_r! She and Ivar came over yesterday to meet Chloe and hang out. Good to see them!

Actually this is worth noting: we are more homebond with Chloe. Or we need to visit where we can take her. Or we need to have a dog sitter. At some point we'll get to a point were we can leave her for reasonably long periods of time, but we are not there yet. Come on over people! :-)

- More on Chloe, or Life with a Pit Bull, the First Few Weeks: Chloe is different from other dogs I've had. Super affectionate, always wants to be with you or on you. She patrols the yard sniffing every morning. She holds onto stuff by spreading her toes out. She makes nests by digging and speading things around. Her hair is so short she needs to wear a coat to go outside (she now has 2). She wants to hug her people and like them on the face. Plus the chew-texture quality of a toy is *very* important.

Most people think she's super cute. A few people are clearly afraid because she's a pit bull. Note to the afraid public: A pit bull on a leash with her people wearing a silly coat or pink hooded sweatshirt that says "Dog Gone Cute" that is wagging its tail is not going to attack you. ;-) Also, you don't need to give us dirty looks; if you don't like her on principle you can just ignore us. :-/

Bottom line, we are well and doing stuff. Money is still tight, but I hope to sell stuff and get some return on my sewing investments soon. J/S is hoping to make some money as 12th night too. If you want any armor he's your man! ;-)


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